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  • Author: Dr. Glenn Thomas
  • Level: Advanced
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Dr. Glenn Thomas, DEL, MPA

Dr. Glenn Thomas is a published author, speaker and teacher. You can find his published works on Amazon and the SHRM Store. Glenn has served in executive leadership roles for brands such as Target, Hexagon, YMCA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  
faqs about the Heart Work leadership professional™ certification & heart Work profile assessment

Why is the Heart Work Leadership Professional™ Certification an invaluable resource?

The Heart Work Leadership Professional™ Certification course has been intentionally designed to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of modern-day business and optimize their potential for success. The certification designation equips leaders and organizations with the ability to administer the Heart Work Profile® Assessment. Focusing on eight pillars – Heart, Mind, Wellness, Leadership, Coaching, Teams, Culture, and Execute – this assessment suite provides a holistic approach to assessing and enhancing key elements that drive organizational growth and prosperity, differentiated from other well-known assessments.

The Heart Work Profile® was developed in 2020 in response to the research examined in "Heart Work: 19 Expressions of Heart-Centered Leaders." Based on years of research and feedback from leadership executives and scholars, the Heart Work Profile® was designed to address one of the most fundamental challenges of the leader experience - the presence of one's heart.

In today's dynamic and highly competitive environment, effective leadership is paramount. The intuitive feelings of Heart Work™ makes sense on so many levels. Still, it's what the research tells us that makes us so excited about increasing retention, engagement, and performance by utilizing the Heart Work Profile®. Our trusted partner clients immediately see the impact that our proprietary assessments have on their teams and businesses once we walk through all the offerings of this most unique and transforming development experience.

In a 2023 quantitative research study, love was attributed to over a 16% increase in organizational performance. This study also shows that leader-follower relationships and organizational performance have high positive correlations with love leadership in the workplace. Love in organizations is the sum of communications, policies, and actions that create a safe environment. 

Heart Work is defined as how one lives, loves, and leads from the inside out. Simply put, leaders are humans first, operating from a core of emotions, beliefs, and lived experiences, all of which begin from within. "Heart Work™ is the energy that hard work requires."

Who does the Heart Work Profile® serve?

Understanding oneself is the cornerstone of effective leadership, relationship-building, and personal growth. The Heart Work Leadership Professional™ Certification Course is your gateway to gaining deep insights into your heart-centered expressions, empathy levels, and communication style. This comprehensive self-guided course uses evidence-based assessment tools, videos, and workbooks to help you navigate the complexities of human emotions in both professional and personal settings.

Who Should Take This Certification Course?
1. Leaders and Managers: To gain actionable insights into their leadership styles and improvement areas.
3. Human Resource Professionals: To better understand how to influence team dynamics and individual team member needs.
4. Team Members: To optimize intrapersonal development, interpersonal relations, and career growth.
5. Coaches and Consultants: To add validated assessment tools to their service offerings.
6. Individuals: Anyone interested in self-discovery and improving personal and professional wellness.

What You'll Gain:
1. A nuanced understanding of your heart-centered life.
2. Strategies to improve your loving, empathetic communication and leadership.
3. An assessment that you can use for personal AND professional development.
4. Techniques for personal growth based on the intra/inter-personal learning experience.

How do I use the Heart Work Profile® Assessment?

The Heart Work Profile® Assessment suite offers two assessments (Leader and Growth)  that delve into leaders' heart-centered expressions, core competencies, and qualities, enabling organizations to identify and develop their leadership talent. By understanding leadership expressions, strengths, and areas for improvement, companies can nurture their new hires and current and emerging leaders, ensuring they are equipped to navigate challenges, inspire their teams, and drive strategic initiatives forward.

Furthermore, the assessment suite recognizes the significance of people as the heart of any successful organization. The "Leader" and "Growth" assessments delve into individuals' leadership and growth across all levels, empowering organizations to create tailored development plans and foster an environment that cultivates excellence.

The Heart Work Profile® Assessment as an Onboarding Tool
Overview: The Heart Work Profile® Assessment, meticulously designed by The Heart Work Leadership Group, empowers organizations to foster a robust onboarding process that prioritizes leaders' hearts, minds, wellness, and leadership expressions. Through a well-curated approach that evaluates and integrates these elements, new hires are seamlessly woven into the organizational fabric.

1. Holistic Integration: Facilitates a multifaceted understanding of the organizational culture, aligning personal and organizational values.
2. Wellness Alignment: Prioritizes mental and physical well-being from day one, ensuring sustainability and reduced burnout.
3. Leadership Acclimatization: Gently immerses new hires into leadership expectations and organizational principles, fostering alignment with intrinsic leadership qualities.

The Heart Work Profile® Assessment as an Evaluation & Coaching Tool
Overview: The Heart Work Profile® transcends conventional coaching tools by comprehensively understanding leaders' emotional, mental, and physical dimensions. Through this tool, coaches sculpt strategies that harmoniously blend professional development with emotional and physical well-being.

1. Empathetic Strategies: Develop coaching strategies that are deeply intertwined with the emotional and motivational facets of leaders.
2. Wellness-Centric Development: Ensures that leadership development does not compromise mental and physical well-being.
3. Intrinsic Growth: Focuses on nourishing intrinsic leadership qualities and enhancing authentic leadership development.

The Heart Work Profile® Assessment as a Team Experience Tool
Overview: The Heart Work Profile® revolutionizes performance reviews by embedding a 360-degree view, encapsulating leaders' functionality, heart intelligence, mental acuity, and physical wellness. This approach ensures that performance metrics are not merely quantitative but also reflect the leader’s holistic contribution and wellness.

1. Balanced Evaluations: Integrates emotional and mental well-being into performance assessments, avoiding an over-reliance on numerical metrics.
2. Constructive Feedback: Ensures feedback and development areas are presented with an understanding of the leader’s emotional and mental state.
3. Wellness Check: Periodically reviews leaders' physical and mental well-being, ensuring sustained performance.

The Heart Work Profile® Assessment as a Leadership Development Tool
Overview: The Heart Work Profile® unravels a unique pathway in leadership development that intricately mingles professional growth with heart, mind, and physical wellness. It ensures that leaders are not just developed to guide but are also fortified to sustain and flourish in their roles, nurturing an environment of collective growth.

1. Sustainable Leadership: Cultivates leadership attributes that are robust and sustainable, safeguarding leaders from burnout.
2. Authentic Development: Honors and amplifies individuals' intrinsic leadership styles and attributes.
3. Collective Well-Being: Ensures leadership development resonates with organizational wellness, nurturing a healthy leadership pipeline.