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Heart Talks®

Heart Talks® is a leadership development engagement that compels leaders to ask questions they seldom ask, tap into feelings they rarely share, and activate gifts they've been waiting to express. 

HEART Talks® are inspiring, educational, and empowering 2-hour discussions facilitated by Heart Work founder Glenn Thomas, challenging leaders to investigate, examine, and innovate business excellence through the application of love leadership. HEART Talks® are customized in collaboration with each partner-client.

Instructions on Registration and Heart Talks® Fee: See the FAQ at the bottom of this page.
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Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas is a published author, speaker and teacher. You can find his published works on Amazon and the SHRM Store. Glenn has served in executive leadership roles for brands such as Target, Hexagon, YMCA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  

Frequently asked questions

How do I register my team?

Please email info@heartworkleadership.com with the following information: 1) Address your email as "RE: Heart Talks Course" 2) Include your name, title, and company 3) Include the number of registrants (No More than (30) thirty persons) that will participate in the course. Also, please include all pertinent information related to your course needs. Once we receive your email, we will forward you a scheduling link with instructions on next steps.

How much is the Heart Talks® course fee?

The 2-hour course is $10,000.00 and is facilitated via Zoom or In-Person.

How many participants are included in my registration?

You may register up to thirty (30) participants in your Heart Talks® course.

What resources are included with my Heart Talks® course?

Each participant receives a 1) Heart Talks® Workbook, 2) Heart Work Ebooks, and 3) Heart Work Profile® Assessment and Report. Each participant is enrolled in our course portal with access to all course materials.