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Plan B Sucks. Trust Life. My Gift Will Make Room.


Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas is a published author, speaker and teacher. You can find his published works on Amazon and the SHRM Store. Glenn has served in executive leadership roles for brands such as Target, Hexagon, YMCA, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  

INspiredLife™ Order and Shipping Instructions


There is no greater life than an INspiredLife™. This life experience captures the essence of what it means to live your most authentic life with the gifts that God has designed within you. I can think of no greater gift to God, than to live fully within His gift all the days of my life. 

This course includes inspirational and tangible resources that will equip you with the tools to continue on your life journey with intention, discipline, and consistency. 

Beginning on April 11, 2023, you will have access to e-
courses that examine all three books that are included in the course, plus a monthly Zoom call with myself and invited guests. 

So, your purchase provides you with:
  • Three (3) E-books
  • E-courses

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Your purchase includes three paperback books: 1) Plan B Sucks, 2) Trust Life, and 3) My Gift Will Make Room

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4) Shipping is included in the course fee, and can take up to 14 days within the United States of America.
5) The e-courses launch on April 11, 2023