What's all the talk about 
Heart Talks®?

Heart Talks® was developed from the Heart Work leadership framework and a call from leaders to create a safe place for teams to have safe conversations on life and leadership. Heart Talks® are two hours of pure excitement, revelation, and learning that challenges leaders to work from the inside out. No matter the discussion topic, Heart Talks® compels leaders to ask questions they seldom ask, tap into feelings they rarely share, and activate gifts they've been waiting to unleash. Heart Talks® are essential for any organization that fully embraces that investing in healthy hearts and minds is critical to developing healthy leaders. 

Heart Talks™
[Heart Work Profile® E-course]

These included resources are invaluable for leaders. They are included with each Heart Talks® [Heart Work Profile® E-course] session. Many organizations have limited resources to support their teams, so we have created a leadership development experience for you that provides your leaders an invaluable experience. You don't have to "break the bank" to inspire, galvanize, and empower your team to be great - just begin with Heart Talks®. 

Heart Work Coaching™

Leadership coaching is a sought after resource for all levels of leaders, and is rarely made available to leaders due to its high expense. The annual membership to Heart Work Leadership's Monthly Group Coaching call is provided for all Heart Talks® participating organizations in order to provide leadership coaching in a community setting that maximizes the experiences and knowledge of leaders from a variety of industries.

Heart Work E-book

The resource, "Heart Work: A Leader's Guide," was created for the purpose of expanding on the work first highlighted in “Heart Work: 19 Expressions of Heart-centered Leaders.” The Heart Work Resource Guide is a critical and essential resource that adds so much value to the Heart Work experience. The guide examines the nineteen expressions of heart-centered leaders with personal stories supported by evidence-based research.

Heart Work Profile® Assessment

The Heart Work Profile® Assessment assesses a leader's most natural expressions of the heart, mind, and wellness. This assessment is an introduction into Heart Work and opens up a self-exploratory journey for leaders, peeling back the layers of recovery and opening their hearts and minds to discovery. 

Leaders love Heart Work

Heart Work leadership is about considering the whole person to provide a work environment that is fundamentally based on principles of love, which includes respect, authentic communication, care, and consideration. Glenn speaks with passion and inspiration which motivates leaders to think differently about the heart of leadership.
Dr. Angela alston
Chief diversity officer
the ohio state university college of nursing
At the heart of “Heart Work” is leading with love. It’s a surgical approach to leading from the inside out...Glenn provides you with tools to apply these expressions to your everyday life and professional journey.   
MR. dell mckinney
vp, donated retail goods
goodwill of north ga
Inspiring work! Glenn is passionate and knowledgeable about what it means to have "Heart Work" in any industry. Glenn couples his real life experiences with the art of leadership in a very profound and eloquent way. 
Mr. travis sadler
senior administrator
morehouse college