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Heart Work is the transformative practice of personal vulnerability, honesty, and introspection, as one seeks to live a life of extreme gratitude, intentional purpose, and resilient love.  Heart Work influences the way we show up in the world; it's how culture is created, people are nurtured, and excellence is achieved.  It is indeed how we live, love, and lead, from the inside-out, and the most necessary work that we have the privilege to endeavor.

Heart Work Leadership Group, LLC is a leadership development and consultancy firm that focuses on the heart of leadership: Gratitude, Purpose, and Love. We have matured over the years since we started serving leaders in 2013. But the one principle that has never left us, is that we believe in the fundamental ideology that leadership begins with loving people.  
Numerous research studies tell us that when people feel valued, empowered, and safe, they can achieve the most audacious goals in life. And when they feel loved and cared for, everything is possible.
We cherish the opportunities that we have to work with leaders and organizations that seek to grow themselves through intrapersonal and interpersonal development. Our mantra is simple: “Live to Lead. Lead with Love. Love with Conviction.”

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