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The intuitive feelings of Heart Work makes sense on so many levels, but it's what the research tells us that makes us so excited about increasing retention, engagement, and performance by utilizing the Heart Work Profile®. Our trusted partner-clients immediately see the impact that our proprietary assessments have on their teams and business once we walk through all the offerings of this most unique and transforming development experience.

The Heart Work Profile® was developed in 2020 in response to the research examined in the book Heart Work: 19 Expressions of Heart-Centered Leaders. Based on years of research and feedback from leadership executives and scholars, the Heart Work Profile® was designed to address one of the most fundamental challenges of the leader experience - the presence of one's heart.
Heart Work is defined as how one lives, loves, and leads from the inside out. Simply put, leaders are humans first, operating from a core of emotions, beliefs, and lived experiences, all of which begin from within. Numerous studies have shown that leaders with high, positive human expressions are more likely to experience personal joy and professional fulfillment.
The Heart Work Profile® opens up a self-exploratory journey for leaders, peeling back the layers of recovery and opening their hearts and minds to discovery. This experience reveals the critical importance of leading with gratitude, purpose, and love in all that they do. 
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Heart Work Profile®

Inquire more here to learn about the Heart Work Profile® Assessment Suite: Leaders, Coaching, People, Culture, and Excellence.

Heart Work Books

Learn more here about how Heart Work books support continued experiential learning and practical application for leaders. 

Heart Work Courses

Online self-guided courses provide leaders more opportunities to examine Heart Work principles and integrative application strategies.

#1 Take the Assessment/Course

We upload your team into the assessment and course platform, then you are ready to begin your journey in Heart Work.

#2 Review/Discuss with Leaders

Use the course prompts to review the assessment as a group and discuss with leaders their revelations and thoughts about their assessment report.

#3 Complete/Implement Work Plans

Use the course prompts to develop work plans for each leader and implement the work plans to further utilize the assessment report.

#4 Examine/Review Integration 

Examine and review the assessment integration, how it has supported operational improvements, culture, and business performance.

The force-multiplier assessment.

Being a Certified Partner equips your business with priority access to all Heart Work resources, train-the-trainer development, and master-minds led by our Heart Work expert facilitators. When you become a Certified Partner, you are investing in your leaders, business, and sustainability.

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The Heart Work Profile® provides you an opportunity to self-assess your personal heart-centered expressions in life and leadership.


The Heart Work Profile® provides you an opportunity to reflect, be introspective, and present in your personal thoughts and revelations.


The Heart Work Profile® empowers you to take intentional steps towards living, loving, and leading from the inside out.

Frequently asked questions

What is Heart Work?

Is Heart Work a new leadership style? Heart Work is a leadership framework. The framework focuses on extreme gratitude, intentional purpose, and resilient love, and how they influence an organization’s culture, people, and excellence.  There are four major categories of Heart Work: Heart, Mind, Wellness, and Leadership. 

What is the Heart Work Profile®?

The Heart Work Profile® is the comprehensive format assessment that inquires about your feelings towards the Heart Work four major categories and nineteen expressions: HEART (joy, gratitude, love, purpose, heart intelligence), MIND (design thinking, resilience, presence, perseverance, greatness, mindset), WELLNESS (psychological, social, emotional, physical), and LEADership (listen, engage, adapt, deliver) of heart-centered leaders that are outlined in the book "Heart Work: 19 Expressions of Heart-Centered Leaders."  

How to use the Heart Work Profile®

How do leaders utilize their Heart Work Profile® in their personal and professional lives? The purpose of the Heart Work Profile® is to fully embrace intra-personal and inter-personal development work, while supporting one’s growth towards living a more authentic, fulfilling , and joyous life. Organizations utilize the assessment to integrate Heart Work Coach®, Heart Work Team®, and Heart Work Execute® into their operations. These integrations support increased retention, engagement, and performance. 

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