Glenn Thomas

The competitive "love" advantage

What is your competitive business advantage? What if I could convince you that it should be love? That love actually returns you a unquantifiable dividend - MORE LOVE! And that’s more powerful than any monetary gain that you can imagine. Let me tell you how.

These are the three principles of the competitive love advantage:

1) Love your team: When we love our team, we transfer that love by serving our customers with all we have by first being aware - social awareness is key to understanding those you seek to lead. We must also be kind - servant leaders are gracious (connections, kindness, take care of your team) because “gratitude is life”. And yes, we must be clear - Dr. Brene Brown says clear is kind, unclear is unkind - there is no need to mix words; but being clear doesn’t mean you have to be cruel.

2) Love your customers: When we love our customers, we serve our customers. And our customers will never leave us, even if they stop patronizing us. We must listen to our customers. They will tell us everything we need to know if we let them. And we should always give more than we receive, because giving rewards the spirit and the bottom-line. 

3) Love the details: When we love the details, we honor our craft - and our craft in turn serves our customers. De-clutter your mind and get rid of the distractions by focusing on the “main thing”. Be present and stay extremely curious; ask questions, and learn more than you need to know, but all that you should know. 

This love is the love that will ultimately give us the competitive advantage we want. It’s the love we give without ever considering if it will come back to us. It’s the love we give by being selfless. We give it willingly, joyfully, passionately - unconditionally.