Dr. Glenn A. Thomas, Jr.

Dr. Glenn Thomas's books have touched the hearts and minds of countless leaders, igniting a movement toward a new paradigm of leadership that places love and the human experience at its core.Dr. Glenn Thomas is a sought-after scholar-practitioner, keynote speaker and leadership thought leader whose profound insights have inspired individuals and organizations to embrace the transforming power of heart-centered leadership. With a deep understanding of organizational leadership and a passion for cultivating authentic connections, Dr. Thomas has authored seven influential books, including his best-seller, "Heart Work: 19 Expressions of Heart-Centered Leadership."

His work is a guiding light, empowering leaders to create positive change, foster personal growth, and build organizations that thrive on love and trust. Dr. Thomas illuminates the path toward leadership excellence through his remarkable literary contributions by emphasizing love, compassion, and genuine human connection. 
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dr. glenn thomas, del, mpa

What International Speakers Say About Dr. Glenn

 "Dr. Thomas delivered a jaw-dropping keynote this year, and it was remarkable on various levels. His energy is infectious and his ability to relate to the audience were superb. His message of resilience is one that your organization must hear."
Darron Roberts, Top 20 Speakers to Watch in 2024
"His storytelling prowess and the way he connects with the audience are unparalleled. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Glenn for your next event."
Will Bagette, #42 Speaker to Watch in 2024