I am convinced that the world is ready to be more human, more caring, more loving...a love of life and others; and most importantly, a love of self. 
Dr. Glenn Thomas, Founder of Heart Work Leadership

Dr. Glenn Thomas keynotes four inspiring and empowering messages that move audiences to act!

Glenn has authored four life-inspiring books that he translates into keynote messages for audiences to connect with personally and professionally. These messages are for high schoolers and up; from the church sanctuary to the corporate boardroom, Glenn will wow your audience and event. Contact Glenn's team to learn more and for booking information: [email protected]

Plan B Sucks...

"Plan B Sucks: A guide to unlocking your gifts and living your authentic life" empowers you to stop being comfortable with Plan B, activate Plan A, and live a life that illuminates your gifts.

Trust Life...

"Trust Life: My gratitude letter to God" inspires you to use setbacks as your set-up, embrace grateful living as your life's foundation, and start each day with a grateful heart.

My Gift Will Make Room...

"My gift will make room" asks you to embrace the joy of being a gift to the world, express your gifts to the world, and serve others with a heart of full of grace and goodness.

Heart Work...

"Heart Work: How to live, love, and lead from the inside out" challenges you to deepen your self-examination, author your personal life's equation, and lead with love.

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Raki McGregor

Heart Work is a leadership development experience in which leaders should take a moment to understand what it is and why it's essential. As a leader that seeks to inspire and empower the people I lead/serve, there is nothing more relevant and meaningful than to lead with love. Heart Work positions those of us who have agency to design a safe environment where teams can be introspective, vulnerable, and open about 

matters of life, love, and leadership. This significant leadership framework illuminates the beautiful gifts in the people we lead/serve. And I can think of nothing more valuable than to build successful teams and businesses by leading with love. Heart Work should be the centerpiece of all business cultures that seek to amplify gratitude, purpose, and love.