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Welcome to the Heart Work Profile® Assessment Suite. This comprehensive suite has been intentionally designed to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of modern-day business and optimize their potential for success. Focusing on four crucial pillars – Leaders, Teaming, Culture, and Execute – this suite provides a holistic approach to assessing and enhancing key elements that drive organizational growth and prosperity.
In today's dynamic and highly competitive environment, effective leadership is paramount.

Our suite offers a range of assessments that delve into leaders' core competencies and qualities, enabling organizations to identify and develop their leadership talent. By understanding leadership styles, strengths, and areas for improvement, companies can nurture their current and emerging leaders, ensuring they are equipped to navigate challenges, inspire their teams, and drive strategic initiatives forward.

Furthermore, the Assessment Suite recognizes the significance of people as the heart of any successful organization. We offer assessments that delve into individuals' skills, capabilities, and motivations across all levels, empowering organizations to create tailored development plans and foster an environment that cultivates high performance. By understanding your workforce's unique strengths and areas for growth, you can enhance employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

Since 2021, over 1000 assessments have been taken and counting!


The most comprehensive assessment focuses on heart-centered expressions for all levels of leaders.


Evaluates the prevailing culture within your organization, shedding light on values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the working environment. 


Leaders can explore how their communication, collaboration, and strategy skills influence their intrapersonal and interpersonal experiences.


Organizations can assess their operational processes, identify inefficiencies, and implement strategies to optimize performance and drive excellence.

The Heart Work Profile® Data

1 out of 4 leaders exhibit vulnerability in the workplace
1 out of 3 leaders attain adequate rest 
Almost half of all leaders don't attain adequate nutrition 
Almost half of all leaders don't attain adequate exercise
Almost half of all leaders are not fulfilled

Develop your people with intention

By investing in the development of your people, you not only enhance their skills and expertise but also foster love, engagement, and a sense of purpose within your workforce. Ultimately, developing your people with intention paves the way for individual success and contributes to the overall success of your organization.

Become a "learning organization"

Foster an environment where learning is valued, and mistakes are seen as valuable opportunities for improvement. Implement mechanisms for capturing and disseminating knowledge across departments and teams, promoting collaboration and cross-functional learning. By becoming a learning organization, you can stay ahead of industry trends, embrace change, and constantly evolve to meet the demands of the future.

Dr. Angela Alston, DNP

Glenn recently presented for us at The Ohio State University College of Nursing during one of my "Chats with the Chief Diversity Officer" sessions. The enthusiasm he brought to the virtual stage was very well received. I appreciated his authenticity and ability to challenge us to think about leadership through this concept of "heart work". The power of human emotion is incredible and as a leader looking to enhance the experiences, exposures, and connections other's have, it was wonderful to have Glenn embrace our vision and give us a fresh perspective on how to lead in 2022 and beyond. 

If you're looking to engage your teams with a different type of conversation, I encourage you to explore what Glenn Thomas can offer you and your team. My team had great feedback and would like to see him back again!

Doing what we've always done, may not get us the results we currently need. It's certainly time we do things differently so thank you Glenn for broadening our perspectives, in and out of the workplace.


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