Heart Work™ is leading from the inside out

Our evidence based learning and development engagement is designed from the research of Dr. Glenn Thomas. A "Heart Work" culture must permeate your organization's business infrastructure. Designing and executing a comprehensive work plan that addresses the entirety of operational excellence, with a specific focus on business infrastructure, is essential to success. A well-designed "Heart Work" engagement ensures that all aspects of the organization's operations, from processes and systems to technology and resources, are aligned and optimized for long-term sustainability. 
We believe that every human can love abundantly, unconditionally, and selflessly in the service and care of others.
We envision a world where workplaces cultivate and nurture cultures of love, trust, and safety, for all people.
Heart Work MISSION
To facilitate the development of scholar-practitioners, leaders, and organizations by designing heart-centered integrative content, innovating learning and development products, and advancing the study of heart-centered leadership. 
A leadership framework that reflects how heart-entered leaders express themselves in life, love, and leadership. Why is this important to an organization? It’s pretty simple; leaders lead how they love and experience life.

A heart-centered solution for the human experience

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The Heart Work Leadership Group provides two options for businesses to engage with us: 
1. Dr. Glenn Thomas Keynote Address: Dr. Thomas will keynote your retreat, team development workshop, and other people-centric experiences, that includes his uniquely upbeat, fun, and riveting teach-speak style of delivery that so many organizations have celebrated. Learn more HERE

2. Become a Heart Work Profile® Certified Partner (HWPCP): By integrating the power of gratitude, purpose, and love, becoming a HWPCP equips leaders with an array of assessment data to inform their ability to grow and illuminate an organization's people, culture, and business excellence, and the ability to cultivate a loving, safe, and inclusive workplace. Learn more HERE

Trusted by these Companies and Conferences

Charlotte AHEC | Atrium Health | Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office | Communities In Schools North Carolina | Winston-Salem State University | Shaw University | Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools | Morivian Church | Charlotte Works | YMCA of Central New York | DeKalb County Superior Clerk's Office | Urban Alliance | YMCA EMLE Conference | National Black MBA Conference | Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont | INLIVIAN | Ohio State University | Novant Health | Goodwill Industries of North Georgia | YMCA of USA | Cabarrus Health Alliance | Catchafire | Toyota | Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice

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